Annah Discovering Claude Monet

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Getting dragged to a museum by your parents is usually a recipe for boredom. Except when you suddenly find yourself inside a painting by your favorite painter, and are lucky enough to spend the afternoon listening to his life story told by ... the man himself! An astonishing and unforgettable experience for young Annah, who will never feel the same way about museums again.
Olivier Soussy (Author)

A former advertiser converted to writing children's books, he has always been passionate about the world of books and hopes to transmit this passion to young readers with this new collection. By describing the artists' lives through their work, he seeks to enter into their lives in a more intimate way.

Melanie Ortins (Illustrator)

She is an illustrator and graphic designer known for her use of bright colours, complex patterns and fantastic compositions. A great reader since a very young age, she is excited to enter the field of children's books and transform words into worlds for children to explore.
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ISBN 9782924858066
Auteur, Auteure Olivier Soussy & Melanie Ortens
Format 8 x 10
Nombre de pages 36
Date de publication -
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