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This book is a helpful tool to help you stop thinking that you are a victim of this life, stop thinking that you can’t do anything because this is your destiny and you have to accept it. The reality is that you don’t have to accept anything at all, you are the master of your life. Read that again and make it stick to your mind: YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR LIFE! Which means that you have the power to change your life at any given moment and you do not have to let life happen to you, you can happen to life! After I wrote my book, my fears made me sit on it because of my fear of judgment and criticism, because of the fear that I was not good enough or that I would seem too pretentious to even think that I could ever write a book. And yet, here I am now. You are reading this book, and, while I am writing these words, I feel no fear whatsoever, I feel calm, liberated and surprisingly confident. If I can do it, so can you. You just have to invest some time in yourself and love yourself.
Cristina B., writer and spiritual being is born on April 9th, 1986, in Bucharest, Romania. She has decided to pursue her writing calling after deciding that the time has come to put herself first. Her book is about spirituality, and she would like to teach others how to overcome life adversities after she had to learn it all the hard way. Cristina knows that people can change their programming just by changing their perspectives on life. She is a mother of twin boys and wife of a loving man, that she adores with all her heart. Knowing that it is not easy to juggle family life while still taking care of yourself, she would like to prove you that things are possible if you believe in yourself and the universe.
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ISBN 9782982096608
Auteur, Auteure Cristina B.
Format 5.5 x 8.5
Nombre de pages 90
Date de publication 2022-06
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