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About twenty years ago I started thinking that someone in the family should gather as much genealogical information possible, and record it. With each passing generation, it becomes more difficult to trace our ancestry, unless someone has set some guideposts along the road to show the way.

That is the responsibility that I have accepted.

It was at that point that I decided to learn as much as I could about my parents families. My Dad Andrew Fraser had a mother whose family name was Stockwell; my mother’s maiden name was Thackray and her mother’s name was Higgenson. I made as many contacts as was possible to every relative and cousin I could find and most of them came through miraculously. So our corner of the clans will cover The Frasers, The Thackrays, The Stockwells and the Higgensons.

I’m not interested in promoting my book for commercial sales; it is rather a book made up of letters, diaries and contributions from my cousins and relatives, with a hope that it can become a groundwork of family history for future generations, so that they may get a feel for their heritage.

Hopefully, it will be a book that will end up with plenty of pen and pencil scribblings at the end of chapters and on any other blank piece of paper that readers can use to add their own generational remarks.

This book is not intended to take the place of Ancestry.com; rather, it is meant to give an interest to every son and daughter, niece or nephew, cousin or just plain friend who wants to know more about the four families that mean the most to me.

Perhaps it will start the ancestral juices flowing faster for themselves. That’s what I’m hoping.

David is a retired Community College Professor in his eighty-second year. He taught Business Communications with several programmes in the General Arts and Science department at Sir Sandford Fleming College in Peterborough, Ontario.

Here is a spellbinding family history by a Canadian author who has gone through a multitude of frank yet honest experiences that would qualify his lifetimes to rival at least half a cat’s allotment of nine.

How does one experience at least six major concussions without any of them being sports related?

What’s it like to be the only Protestant principal of a more than one room Roman Catholic school in the province for three years and loving every day of it?

During the times of trial in Ontario and Quebec with the terrorist bombings and kidnappings by the FLQ (Front de Liberation de Quebec ) how did this intrepid officer in Her Majesty’s Service, nearly, almost, foil an attack upon an active military base?

How does one of Santa’s major helpers remember all the children’s names for more than ten years?

What’s it like painting the underside of the centre-span of a suspension bridge across a mile of the St. Lawrence River?

What’s it like spending a total of two and a half years’ time over a period of twenty years in psychiatric wards across the province and coming out better for the experience?

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ISBN 9781777599508
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Date de publication 2021-04
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