A very old prophecy forced the Protection Agency of planet Keramos, to start searching for the announced savior. This liberator would free Fargons from the Destroyer, an evil force seeking to enslave them all. Three of their best spies, through a portal, discovered an incredibly skilled young human who would fit the prophecy. They befriended him and turned him into a real spy. His training completed, the agent Loïc, « The Savior », left Earth in a hurry with his friends « Ceramons » to achieve his destiny.

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My name is Patrick De Lachevrotière. I am from a beautiful village named Champlain (Quebec) bordering the majestic St. Lawrence river. Now a resident of Gatineau, I am an accountant working for the House of Commons. Being a dreamer, my huge imagination brought me to create the Ceramons universe which started one day while I lingered looking a bit too long at the ceramic tiles in my bathroom ... In my case, I found a fantastic world which I hope will make you live beautiful moments.

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Patrick De Lachevrotière

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