In 2022, while the global policy faces considerable turmoil, a threat looms over the world to disrupt the established global order. A super “breed” of terrorists is developed through secret experimentations in Brazil. An international intelligence agency based in Brussels, the IIS, is given the task to solve the problem caused by this new reality of super terrorist. Stella Dukakis, a brilliant and ambitious investigator for the IIS, will soon realize that she serves as a screen to conceal various intrigues within this investigative body. Determined to go all the way, she will travel the world to fi nd the source of this threat and the motivations behind it. With the help of her partner Fabien and of a supposedly repentant terrorist, she will discover the key to the riddle. This adventure will lead them to the Brazilian jungle and into research laboratories which constitute a true nursery of over-gifted beings. Now made aware of this new reality, the governments will try to destroy the source of the problem…

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Claude Jalbert est scénariste depuis 1991 lors de la production de ses courts moyens métrages de fictions. Il a été animateur télé à Créations 7e art pour encourager les jeunes cinéastes en herbe. Il a écrit plus de 25 scénarios dont certains ont été portés au petit écran. Il donne des formations et encourage la relève avec sa maison d'éditions qui est une des rares à publier des scénarios.

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Claude Jalbert


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