Oblivious to the outside world, Prosper Tremblay roams the Yukon wilderness.

As the butterfly effect in chaos theory, how could he have foreseen that an unexpected encounter would trigger a chain of events on faraway continents.

From Whitehorse to Berlin, from Miami to Lima, from Hong Kong to New York, Tantalum is a tale of strangers whose destinies get tragically tangled when they involuntarily set the stage for a showdown between powerful autocrats in a time when a dynasty rules the USA.

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Off the beaten track, this polyglot geologist roamed thirty countries spanning four continents. From encounters, and incidents in the boreal wilderness, in the African savannah, on the high plateaus of the Andes and the Himalayas, in the tropical forest, in presidential palaces and ministers‘ offices, he creates fantastic reality plots in which ordinary folks have out of the ordinary destinies.

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