The Complex of God


Four colourful characters evolve in rather dark contexts where cynicism dominates their view of the world. Their philosophy of life is both frightening and lucid. Behind their eyes are souls in search of truth, gentleness, light: in short, hope. It is in this short slice of life, chaotic and frighteningly gray, that you will discover beings who walk on a disastrous road. It is by observing them in their microcosm that you will undoubtedly discover a little humanity in them.

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Claude Jalbert has been a screenwriter since 1991, when he started producing his short fiction films. As a young writer, he was a TV host at Creations 7e Art where he encouraged his peers. He has written more than 25 screenplays, some of which have been filmed. He gives screenwriting workshops and leads his own publishing house, which is one of the few which publishes screenplays in support of emerging writers.

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Claude Jalbert

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