The Little Shoes


Joey, a young American doctor served in France during the Second World War where he perfected his French with Canadian and French soldiers while developing a common taste for fishing in Canada in northern Quebec.

When he returned from the war, he learned that his wife could not have children.

It was during a fishing trip in Canada that his whole life was turned upside down because of his encounter with a fishing guide whom a great friendship was created.

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Originally from Ottawa, he completed a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work at UQUAM in 1993.

His vast experience in the field allowed him many special encounters and awakened in him the taste to explore and tell the secret experience of what people told him.

Having lived with the Inuit, the Natives of the North Shore, the Natives of the Montreal area, Maniwaki and Oka, Richard G. Roy is very credible in his writings.

He ended his career with the Correctional Service as an Assistant Warden and Parole Officer.

Dowsing and dowser, he is renowned for being one of the best in Quebec. He is one of the founders of the Association des sourciers du Québec. He also founded Eau Sans Frontières, an NGO in Quebec.

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