The pain in love


The moments captured within this book depict the struggle in discovering self-love amidst the competing elements of childhood abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault. Those who read this collection of events – events rarely shared but often experienced by many – witness first hand the journey in breaking the cycle of abuse, decades long. It is through this collection that s.f.morais hopes her readers find the courage to look within and feel empowered to commence their own journey to realizing their true worth.

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Born in Toronto, ON., s.f.morais studied linguistics and psychology at the University of Toronto. She presently works as a Speech Therapy Assistant who strives to provide her clients with a voice. s.f.morais initially began writing to escape the darkness cast from generations of abuse; her life was one in which pain was pervasive and extreme manipulative behaviours were the norm. What began as a coping mechanism to deal with her trauma soon evolved into a passion to inspire those in similar situations. s.f.morais’ debut collection, "The pain in love", empowers readers to break the cycle of abuse and find their voice.

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