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After breaking-up with his girlfriend, Mike turns to escort girls in part to sooth his pain but also, to enjoy this new freedom by living different experiences to satisfy his lascivious appetites. Over the course of 5 years, he will meet 126 escorts and spend over $ 60,000. He will go from one lustful debacle to another, hoping to find a meaning to his life and inner peace, which end up being as elusive as his encounters. The happiness he hopes to attain conceals a deeper despair than his break with Julia. He hides deep identity problems and he will discover this, in part, thanks to his friend Peter. His lecherous quest will lead him far from the happiness he so desires. This lewd behaviour will lead him astray and one day he will touch rock bottom. Mike will give up his sexual follies and set out to find lasting happiness.
Claude Jalbert has been a screenwriter since 1991, when he started producing his short fiction films. As a young writer, he was a TV host at Creations 7e Art where he encouraged his peers. He has written over 25 screenplays. He gives screenwriting workshops and his publishing house, which is one of the few who publishes scenarios, supports emerging writers.
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ISBN 9782924566732
Auteur, Auteure Claude Jalbert
Format 5.5 x 8.75
Nombre de pages 168
Date de publication 2018-07
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