The Cat who Thought he was a Mouse

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Mouse was an abandoned kitten with a handicap. He was adopted into a family with two other cats ,one of whom was deaf. He had a stuffed mouse and loved it so much that he thought he too was a mouse. He only answered to Mouse. He felt inferior to the other two cats and bullied the handicapped cat mercilessly, thinking it was the best way to "prove" himself boss cat.He himself became injured and learned through others kindness that he was just as good as other cats and made friends with them.
Anne White is a retired doctor who became concerned about bullying and attitudes to disability. She uses the example of one of her cats to explore the behaviors behind bullying and attitudes towards disability
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ISBN 9781778189203
Auteur, Auteure Anne White
Format 7 x 7
Nombre de pages 20
Date de publication 2022-05
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