Creative Souvenir Book in Memory of My Pet

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The link between owner and pet is often so strong that the loss of an animal companion can cause great sorrow. And yet, grief is a taboo subject, and mourning your pet is even more so. As a result, people who are mourning their pets often carry their pain in secret out of fear of being ridiculed. To avoid suppressing your grief and to allow your emotions to express themselves, we suggest that you complete this Creative Book in memory of your pet. This book will contain memories and moments from your life as a testimony to your bond with your furry, scaly or feathered friend.
Founders of the company Carnet-Tisse, sisters Lisette and Lucie St-Pierre are teachers by trade. With a master’s in educational psychology, Lisette is the author of three collections of elementary-level French textbooks, while Lucie, who holds a master’s in education, is a New Creative Journaling™ and Carnet de deuil © workshop animator. For several years now, the two sisters have worked to create tools for adults and children struggling with the challenges of learning difficulties and bereavement. Creative Souvenir Book in Memory of My Pet is the first book in the Carnet-Tisse series.
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ISBN 9782981712738
Auteur, Auteure Lisette St-Pierre and Lucie St-Pierre
Format 7.75 x 9.75
Nombre de pages 90
Date de publication -
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