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For the fourth time (March 2019). I have been asked to receive spiritual messages from the Assembly of the Elected of Ancient Egypt on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. A great message of hope for humanity which allows an opening on the conscience of each of us. A preparation in the afterlife. Several revelations which allows us to a better quality of life from all points of view.There are also events will happen on earth by 2050.There is a MERKABA protection method in the conclusion of the first part of the book.In March 2020.I was asked for a 5th meeting in Teotihuacàn,Mexico.I received 13 messages in 15 days.I share with you my spiritual experiences which were divine.I met there great elected officials of the sky. Christ twice,Moses,Melchizedeck,a high priest of Theotihuacàn and an indigenous guide.I had the privilege of visiting the palace of Christ,paradise, the garden of Eden, the judgment room and seeing somme scenes from the future as well as the melting of the polar ice.There is also information about coronavirus.I am accomplishing my mission as per the request of my spiritual guides and transmitting theirs messages.I have complete confidence in them.

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I am self-taught, all my gifts have grown with regular pratice of prayer and meditation. After having received many healings over 25 years (2008), my spiritual guides asked me to write a book for all men on earth. They had important things to tell us.I received various keys from them allowing me to communicate with them. At times, these keys were received several years ahead of time. In order to use these symbols, I must have attained a certain spiritual leved. I manage all of this as we go along, without knowing what is coming up next. I keep my faith in them and their inconditional love because I have never been disappointed and my various healings are withness to their assistance. My role is to know them in order that they may help you. I do all this as a mission.Peace and Love in your hearts.

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