SURVIVAL GUIDE THROUGH SELF-ESTEEM. Using Inherent Strengths to Promote Self-Worth


Self-esteem, a lifeline to preserving your mental health and preventing burnout and depression.

Do you need rescuing from anxiety, addiction, anger, misfortune, hopelessness and dark thoughts? Do you want to better navigate life’s storms, such as: divorce, job loss, grief, retirement or bullying without getting caught in abusive situations, substance abuse, feelings of depression, or even suicide? If so, this is your go-to guide!

Taking her cue from wilderness survival guides, the author suggests comparing your life to an expedition, and uses 11 exercises to help determine your self esteem profile, all based on an easily-applied theoretical model.

This brand new edition highlights:

  • The link between mental health and self-esteem;
  • The relationship between your beliefs and self-esteem;
  • A lexicon on reprogramming your self-esteem;
  • The amazing 21st century discoveries about the brain.

Cultivating the five “senses” of self-esteem: security, identity, belonging, determination and competency will bring balance to your life, while using your inherent strengths will improve your self worth, fostering a renewed state of wellbeing.

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ENYLA, the pen name of Aline Lévesque, holds a Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) and is fascinated with the development of human potential, both emotional and mental. A public speaker and author of multiple books, she specialises in self-esteem for adults and using innovative techniques.

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