Traditional values, multiculturalism and a harmonious life



Are you married?
Are you a mixed-race, mixed-faith or an inter-ethnic couple?
If you have emigrated to Europe, Canada or the USA or intend doing so, this book is for you. Read on. It will resonate with you. You will discover hidden African values that will help you overcome the hurdles that come with emigration.
This book will enlighten you in several ways:
· Help you to use traditional values to build a happy life
· Transform your tears into triumph
· Exerce effective parenting despite societal values that are new and different from yours
· Deal with contradictory visions of married life especially when mother-in-law is in the picture
· Tackle a search for a job that matches your educational qualifications and skills (not an easy task!)
. Raise children (the basics)

“What makes this book compelling is its use of real-life stories. The reader follows the characters with genuine curiosity. Rarely does the author say, “This is what you must do”. Instead, she raises our awareness and even convinces us that, in a multicultural society, it’s not only possible but actually beneficial to confront challenges by drawing upon traditional values.”
(Extract from preface Pr Victor Piché
University of Montreal)

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Lucie Tapsoba Coulibaly was born in Burkina Faso. She is a Canadian citizen. She wrote this book about Traditional values and Multiculturalism to assist migrant and mix couples who are confronted to Western and their own cultural values, on ways and means to deal with the challenges and dilemmas encountered. She herself lives in a multi- religious and multi-ethnic relationship since 1970. Her book is a guideline to help young mix couples overcome difficulties especially in migratory situation. She has travelled extensively and stayed in many countries in Africa and abroad. From experience, she strongly believes that multiculturalism is a richness but full of challenges that demand, tolerance, understanding, and abilities to learn new ways of living.

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Lucie Tapsoba Coulibaly

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