FFQ For Québec


Two pro-independence groups of different generations develop strategies to reverse the downward trend of the independence movement. The first group is made up of individuals who have remained active in the movement since the 1970s. They realize today that they will run out of time to act and they adopt a strategy aimed at bringing back the negative feelings of Canadians towards Quebecers.

The second group, much younger, create an organization which will make known and support the independence movements all over the world in the hope of seeing these ethnic groups in Québec support Québec’s independence movement. This same group will initiate a campaign for the abolishment of the monarchy and therefore allowing Canada to reach its own independence.

The plot unfolds through the eyes of the main character, a CIA agent, who infiltrated the independence movement twenty-five years ago. The novel takes place in Montréal, Toronto and Massachusetts.

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Following a career in the world of business, Louis Michel Gratton, today, devotes himself to writing. FFQ for Québec is the English version of his fourth political novel. The action of his first three novels took place behind the scenes of Montréal municipal politics. This last novel’s theme is that of the independence movement.

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Louis Michel Gratton

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