Filipou and the GIANT Apple


Filipou the explorer dreams of discovering an intriguing volcano. However, a “giant apple” will stand in his way, preventing him from pursuing his expedition. With his parents’ help, he will nibble on the giant apple to reach his dream. What will he find on the other side of the apple? What if this giant apple was, in fact, a disease?

In this fable, Filipou learns to nibble on the giant apple, one bite at a time, just like when facing a degenerative disease. One undergoes treatments and multiple tests. One sometimes receives positive results, sometimes discouraging ones. One experiences anguish, joy, sadness, and suffering – one bite at a time.
Nevertheless, most importantly, living on hope and love.

By writing and selling this book, Édith, Félix-Antoine’s mother, hopes to raise awareness of rare diseases and funds for Hunter syndrome research.

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Édith Lacroix was born in Cowansville in 1975 and now lives in Verdun. A biologist by training, Édith Lacroix completed a certificate in professional writing from the University of Montréal a few years ago. She wrote several popular science articles in Quebec magazines, as well as writing several information brochures.

Édith is now passionate about writing stories for children. She is also the mother of a little boy, Félix-Antoine, who has a rare and degenerative disease called Hunter syndrome. By depicting the difference and the many hues of life, she writes to share the richness of her life with her son. Having the protection of nature at heart, she is also passionate about writing stories with an environmental flavor.

“Filipou and the Giant Apple” is her first children's book. Her second book, “Le Petit oiseau rare,” will be published by Québec Amérique, during the fall of 2022.

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