Goddess in the mirror: A Book of Self Discovery for Filipino Women the World Over


Based on the premise that happiness can only truly be derived in understanding and accepting one’s own culture, the book is a collection of auto-biographical anecdotes, with questionnaires; aimed to aid the reader in finding ‘her’ own personal truths as she navigates through the various stages of life.

Ovvian juxtaposes personal history with Philippine history, allowing for a glimpse into the life of a Filipina, and the culture from which she comes from.

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Ovvian Castrillo is an accomplished Filipino sculptor, writer and designer who has represented the Philippines in various international cultural exchange programs. Educated in the Philippines and having lived and worked in various countries around the world has allowed her to internalize that which is essentially the 'Filipino woman' in her. She lives in Northern British Columbia, Canada with her family.

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Ovvian Castrillo

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