Meeting myself in an Alternate Universe


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There are many planets and galaxies, so there are many universes perhaps infinite numbers of them. They’re referred to as alternate universes.

Each time we take a decision, we split in two, like a fork in a road, take another decision, we split again and so on. Therefore, each of us, as an individual exist in infinite numbers. Each can be called a copy of original one, but no one knows who is original or real!

Where are these individuals are living? Well, they’re living in alternate universes. Knowing this, an extraterrestrial (ET) belonging to a very advanced civilization, travel from an alternate universe to our universe to meet a copy of himself on our planet, Earth.

He lands first in a major city in North America and continue his journey to rest of the planet. This book is about his adventures on Earth and meeting his copy or Earthling-self.

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Author has a strong background in Modern Physics, Telecom and Computer science. He has done extensive Technical writing during his long career as a Telecom Engineer and Research fellow in Physics. This is his first Science-Fiction novel (volume one in the trilogy). Volume 2 and 3 will follow soon.

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Arvind Saxena

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4 avis pour Meeting myself in an Alternate Universe

  1. Doug (client confirmé)

    I enjoyed thoroughly this book. Well done.

  2. GER (client confirmé)

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading it but you need some science background to fully appreciate ii.

  3. fantastique (client confirmé)

    C’est compliquer mais très intéressant a lire.

  4. Christopher From Space Concordia (client confirmé)

    I was not sure where else to hopefully reach out to the Author. I wanted to say that I had the opportunity to meet Arvind today. He approached me at the Concordia University open house as I was attending our Societies info desk and asked « do you like science fiction? » and we had a chance to talk. He told me how he was a student years ago and brought up his book.

    I was instantly interested as it seemed like it was very grounded in physics , I honestly would have bought a book off of him but had no cash and couldn’t leave the desk. I told him I would order online and I just did the very same day. I really wanted to Arvind to know that he made an impression on me and I really did buy your book and look forward to it arriving in the mail and reading it.

    I am happy I had the unique opportunity of meeting the author in person and I plan on making a proper review and updating this post when I have read the book. If the book is any reflection of the spirit and attitude of the author itself then I imagine this book will be fantastic!

    Best of luck to you Sir!


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