SüB 2, Shockwave from Nemesis


In 2044, Stella is still the director of the SII. Her daughter Charlie Dukakis, now aged 26, is following in her mother’s footsteps. She is an investigator for the IIS and is currently on the track of a new breed of mutants capable of accumulating energy and creating huge explosions. Contrary to the mutants created in a laboratory, these new mutants are born to ordinary biological parents, a fact which mystifies the IIS team. As if that was not enough, Charlie discovers that humanity is struck by a mass overpopulation problem, in addition to the need to deal with the rebellion of the robots. This is an exciting challenge for the young investigator who will need the help of some Mars mutants to solve this puzzle.

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Claude Jalbert has been a screenwriter since 1991 during the production of his short films of fictions. He was a TV host at Creations 7e art to encourage young filmmakers as a youngster. He has written more than 25 screenplays, some of which have been screened. He gives training and encourages the next generation with his publishing house which is one of the few to publish scenarios.

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Claude Jalbert

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