SüB 3, The War of the Renegades


The year is 2067. Overwhelmed by unsolvable pollution issues, the Mars Federation of Mutants, led by Stomi, will make an agreement with an alien race, called the Uhlias, to build a new home for the Earthlings in the Trappist-1 system. However, here on Earth, the news of this collaboration is not welcome by everyone. Stella, a UN adviser, calls for caution amongst the nations. Charlie, now director of the IIS, is preoccupied by the discovery of a new race of cryogenically frozen mutants in Antarctica and recent aggression from the warmongering Uhlia faction. Charlie’s daughter, Everest, will be assigned to these two investigations. The young 19-year-old investigator is determined to hold her own, but before she is given the opportunity to prove herself, Earth will suffer its worst genocide. Everest remains humanity’s last hope for survival.

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Claude Jalbert has been a screenwriter since 1991 when he started producing his short fiction films. As a young writer, he was a TV host at Creations 7e Art where he encouraged his peers. He has written more than 25 screenplays, some of which have been filmed. He gives screenwriting workshops and his publishing house, which is one of the few who publishes scenarios and supports emerging writers.

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SüB 3

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Claude Jalbert

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