The aura dialogue


For many, people who perceive the aura are beingsapart from others, mediums, sensitives, mystiques.For others, they are people who suffer from oculartroubles, neurological problems, or temporaryhallucinations. You will find in this aura dialogueeverything you always wanted to know on the reality ofthe aura. By his personal experiences and knowledge’s,Daniel St Amour shatters all beliefs and unbelief’sentertain on this subject by science, paranormal andspirituality. This essay constitutes a reference for allthose who desire to know every possible thing there isto learn on the reality of the aura. The author possessesa unique experience on the perception of the aura andeven overpasses the perception of the aura.

«To learn to perceive the aura is a simple thing. It is hassimple has to learn to count on your fingers!»

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Born in Montreal in 1959, in thepopular hood of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, Daniel St Amour isan author with an incomparableimaginary and sensitivity.

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