The Eclipse


Ailany Demers has not had an easy life. She grew up in poverty, misery and hardship. Despite these obstacles, she managed to lead a satisfying life. She owes money to her landlord and she has to help her mother who is sick.

After the death of her mother and a single misstep, Ailany can no longer find her way and makes a act of desperation: she tries to take her own life.

At the same moment when Ailany is about to leave this world, a rare phenomenon occurs. A hybrid eclipse takes place. This seemingly benign cosmic event will transform Ailany’s life into a destiny she had never imagined.

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Claude Jalbert has been a screenwriter since 1991 during the production of his short films of fictions. He was a TV host at Creations 7e art to encourage young filmmakers as a youngster. He has written more than 25 screenplays, some of which have been screened. He gives training and encourages the next generation with his publishing house which is one of the few to publish scenarios.

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