The Magdala


Amuse-bouche (A play on words): (Curtains! Cue vocals)! Breathless strides, stream an array of minds […] The entr’acte heeds present times […] The Second Act speaks of Expressionism. A circus theatre draped in stripes. Emotions in waiting set the stage. Its shape: a shameless polygon! Backstage: « The Proem », (create suspense)! A coyish tongue beckons gifted rights to freedom of speech. Its monologue sways neither without proper form nor whatnots. Words of attribute purr scented furrs via auditory whiffs spelling a kiss. A rose petalled row in a curtsy and a bow. Lastly, a hint of vowelled pheromones in a standing ovation. Forever lost in applauding hearts. FIN. « Encore! » A fool’s chant….(Curtains)!

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Nathalie C.M. Sabbagh

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