The Nest in the Evergreen Tree


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Many children must face the death of a loved one. Even children who aren’t dealing with loss or grieving often still have questions about the concepts. Also, kids grieve differently after losing a loved one or a pet, a child can go from crying one minute to playing the next. This story helps lift the child’s spirit and take him/her to a beautiful place where magical moments appear hoping it will be a blessing to hearts both big and small.

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JiJi Talmas is an Early Childhood Educator who is specialized in working with children since 1995. JiJi is a 2017 Award of excellence recipient and 2018 Kathleen Stroud Award recipient.

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4 avis pour The Nest in the Evergreen Tree

  1. Misha (client confirmé)

    The story was written in a beautiful way that attempts to answer every child’s questions. However, as I read the book, I realized this is a book for everyone. this book looks at what is around us, at all of nature’s glories, and at our feelings and actions. We carry most people in our hearts, and that is where they may stay.

    Adults will find this book helpful as a resource for their children. This will be a very useful book to read whenever a child goes through a loss of a loved one. The illustrations go hand in hand with the verse, one without the other would not work as well to soothe our souls. The illustrations are big, bright and colorful, and depict each verse and each feeling. This book is just what is needed to help us through our own grief, and also to assist our children through theirs. Every school and every home should have this book available.

  2. Samantha (client confirmé)

    I really enjoyed the book. The way the story was written took a very difficult concept for children to understand and provided hope, love, and connection for those feeling a loss of a loved one. Well done

  3. Lobna (client confirmé)

    Loved reading this, extremely touching story. It helps children dealing with the ways of grieving. The illustration’s use of nature adds richness and warmth to the story. It would be an amazing addition to your library.

  4. Amisha (client confirmé)

    I’ve literally bought this book FIVE times since it was first given to my family as a gift after we had a loved one who passed away. I give this to any grieving family with or without young children. I’m sorry if you’re reading reviews because it probably means you’re dealing with talking to a child about death – which likely means you’re grieving, but this is THE ONE you should really get.

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