The Pub


The play falls into the category of The Theatre of the Absurd and uses characters from history to portray various aspects and qualities of humankind, and to discuss the basic questions of « Why are we here? » and « What is the meaning of life? »

The protagonist, Paul Satin, finds himself inside a pub, doesn’t know how he got there and can’t seem to leave. He meets and converses with other characters who are a mixture of royalty, psychology, science, philosophy, occultist, disabled and religious. Questions and arguments abound, blended with humour and love.

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Norman Cristofoli has published several chapbooks of poetry/prose plus two audio compilations of his spoken word performances. He was the publisher of the “Labour of Love” literary magazine for 25 years and was the co-founder and manager of the “Coffeehouse” artist networking site. “The Pub” is his first publication with CanamBooks

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Norman Cristofoli

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