Understanding At Last


On March 30, 2015, Jean, the eighteen-year-old son of the author, Canada’s then newly appointed Consul General to Florida, was killed in Miami while attempting to steal marijuana. Near the scene, the author’s second son, Marc, aged just 15, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder as an accomplice.

This humane and humanistic book shares part of the author’s story and bears witness to the deep and lucid journey that led her to three major realizations: the path of the all-important parent-child connection, a way towards a more authentic interracial relationship, and finally, humans’ innate incredible capacity for transformation.

This poignant introspective tale of a mother’s rebuilding her life after a tragedy through her quest for meaning delivers, with humility, a message of hope and openness.

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Diplomat, federal public service executive and political advisor, Roxanne Dubé served as ambassador in Africa. She worked to promote Canada’s interests in the United States and directed the Canadian Foreign Service Institute, a professional development centre for Canadian diplomats. Since the tragedy of 2015, strengthened by her ongoing learning, she has applied herself to supporting the efforts of private and public sector leaders aiming for inclusion, equity and intercultural connection.

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