Vigilance The sisters’ journey


It has been many generations since the Esthan arrived in their tall ships on the coast of Heritage. The tribes who used to make that land their home have been pushed back far into the mountains out west, as the migrants began to settle the land for their own needs.

These ancient cultures are now exiled from their birthplaces and many of their traditions have become confused with the new Esthan faith, or simply lost to time.

But some traditions endure: the great tribal celebration survives, held as winter approaches, moved from the shores of Heritage to Cold Lake, high atop the mountains. It is during this gathering that alliances are made and tribes meet to remember what they have lost, but also to celebrate their continued resistance and survival.

It is on this night of tradition that two sisters, Bethany, the oldest, about to enter into an alliance with her promised, and Swania, younger by a single year but so eager to be an adult, will see their lives take an unexpected turn. For among these old tales lost to the tribes, one has survived in secret both the arrival of the Esthan and the passage of time.

From that hidden past, she has surfaced: the Huntress, protector of the tribes, the one all spirits fear and respect.

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